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HP Brunswick 300

HP Brunswick  300
HP Brunswick 300 portable computer w/ enhanced Round Format HDADHDV monitor for tight focus.

Kustom Classic

Kustom Classic

The computer that goes up to 11. Fat Panel sold seperately.


Things -o- contemplation

Resurrected from the attic of Grandma’s Labs, Mark Blank has unearthed part of the original “Things-o-contemplation” tablets.

Worth contemplating …


8 Track

8 Track was an experimental distributed music piece created for the Boston Cyber Arts Festival, 2001

“Using Wide Area Collaboration (WAC) technologies, 8Track allows multiple people to create a unique musical piece which is unpredictable and live.

Bouncing a signal around the world, 8Track uses the internet as a global digital delay, thus using the net as a musical instrument. “

Joanne's Silver Top Diner

Joanne’s Silver Top Diner

Joanne’s Silver Top Diner, Providence, RI, 1985
Infra-Red Broiling – Vaculator Coffee


Magritte, a film by Mark Blank, performed by Calvin Thomas & The Special Touch with Mike Oatman. 1984.

Lake Heron, New Mexico, 1996

Lake Heron
Lake Heron, New Mexico, 1996

Haleakala, 1996

Haleakala Sunrise
Sunrise atop Mt. Haleakala, 1996

Observatory, Haleakala, 1996


Observatory, Mt. Haleakala, Hawaii 1996

Very Large Array

Very Large Array

Very Large Array, New Mexico, 1996

Quicktime VR of this image is here

Ground Zero

Ground Zero
Trinity Test Site, White Sands, New Mexico, 1997

Computer Hell


And may you never go there :)

This is a picture from 1996, while programming the SDM (Super Dog Monkey) to walk for the Amorphic Robot Works show at The Lab in San Francisco. Plenty of cables for sure.