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  • Zero1 San Jose – Absolute Zero – Chico Macmurtrie Inflatable Architecture
  • Inflatable Architecture – Chico Macmurtrie
  • OutRun – The Video Game You Actually Drive – Garnet Hertz
  • Empire Drive-In – Todd Chandler and Jeff Stark
  • Inflatable Architecture – Chico Macmurtrie
  • Inflatable Architecture – iPad control
  • Inflatable Architecture – Chico MacMurtrie
  • ?
  • OutRun – The Video Game You Actually Drive – Garnet Hertz
  • OutRun – The Video Game You Actually Drive – Garnet Hertz
  • wind coil sound flow – Ken Gregory
  • wind coil sound flow – Ken Gregory
  • Maria Del Camino – Bruce Tomb
  • Tymm Twillman
  • Zero1 San Jose – South Hall

ZER01 San Jose

Chico Macmurtrie Inflatable Architecture

Some images from the recently finished ZER01SJ Biennial, including my personal favs from the show:

OutRun – The Video Game You Actually Drive, by Garnet Hertz
Empire Drive-In, by Todd Chandler and Jeff Stark
wind coil sound flow, by Ken Gregory
Maria Del Camino, by Bruce Tomb

Thanks to Tymm Twillman and Chico Macmurtrie and everyone who helped to make this event a success.

This was the first time I used TouchOSC on an iPad to control the machines. We used TouchOSC to drive MAX/MSP which in turn drove an Arduino micro-controller. Fun stuff. iPad as portable multi-touch controller is good.

More Amorphic Robot Works

Birds, MuAC, Mexico City, June 2009

Chico MacMurtrie, Birds, June 2009, MuAC, Mexico City.
Photo credit: Luise Kaunert, Paris

More info

16 Birds, Synthetic Times Beijing

16 Birds

Chico Macmurtrie, Brian Kane, Lily

Special thanks to Chico MacMurtrie, Sven Travis of Parsons The New School of Design, the National Art Museum of China and the organizers of the Synthetic Times exhibition.

I was honored to participate in the exhibition, and delighted to meet so many incredible artists, including Verdensteatret, Kurt Hentschläger, f18 institute, Edwin van der Heide, Blendid, Herwig Weiser, and David Rokeby.

For more information on 16 Birds, see this page on the Amorphic website and this page from an earlier exhibition in New York City.

String Machine

f18 institute



Guard Blendid

Herwig Weiser Autopsy

  • Chico Macmurtrie – Birds at Andrew Edlin Gallery
  • Chico Macmurtrie – Birds at Andrew Edlin Gallery

Chico MacMurtrie – Birds at Andrew Edlin Gallery

Two photos of Chico MacMurtrie‘s inflatable Birds sculpture at the Andrew Edlin Gallery in New York City. This is a beautiful piece, which consists of 16 inflatable robotic devices. I spent a few days programming this piece for Chico in the gallery, and we snapped these images on Chico’s iPhone.

I’m very impressed with the direction of Chico’s new work, which has been getting a good deal of press attention lately, too. It’s nice to see Chico’s work getting the attention I think it deserves.

If you are in the city, I recommend a trip to one of the pieces he has up now.

New York Times
New York Post

Chico Macmurtrie


Speaking of robots, here’s a fun picture of Chico Maurtrie and I from 2002. We were programming the sculpture in the picture, named Skelli, for a video shoot at Chico’s studio in Brooklyn.

Chico’s latest work, the Totemobile, was recently featured in Wired Magazine. Video below. Pretty darned cool.

There are more Amorphic Robot Works images here.

The Amorphic Robot Works Website is here.

ARW 2000

Amorphic Robot Works, Muffattehalle, Munich, 2000

Found a directory full of nice pictures from the 2000 Amorphic Robot Works shows at Muffattehalle in Munich.

The image above is Mark 9 and myself setting up show controls.

Computer Hell


And may you never go there :)

This is a picture from 1996, while programming the SDM (Super Dog Monkey) to walk for the Amorphic Robot Works show at The Lab in San Francisco. Plenty of cables for sure.