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Joanne’s Silver Top Diner

Joanne’s Silver Top Diner, Providence, RI, 1985
Infra-Red Broiling – Vaculator Coffee

  • Patricia Tomasso-Brown


    The story of the Silver Top Diner will not end, like corruption in Rhode Island!!! I’m am sitting waiting to start this new trial with nothing but evil around me, after winning against the City of Pawtucket with a jury trial then a corrupt judge ” Kristin E. Rodgers” taking away my verdict? How does a judge over turn a jury & the Supreme court stand behind her saying Pawtucket gets to keep my dining car but I can fight them for money for the wrong they done? The evidence in my 1st trial gets hidden by court clerks & the Supreme court never even asks to see it, they condemn me without even looking at paperwork? The clerks hide or destroy motions in my case and nothing happens to them & I look like the bad guy? I am sooo angry!!! When are people going to stand up & fight for what’s right? I cannot sit back & do nothing, they have all the tax payers money to fight me & I have to ask others to help me, I am so sick of it all but I am very grateful to all who’s helped, the new trial will be starting any day now, just waiting to hear when to go but all I can do is su for money & try to buy my diner back from them, it’s all just wrong & what? the jury never gets to know I had already won & a corrupt system took it all away, I am so sick of what they are getting away with.

  • Patricia Ann Brown

    go watch, The Battle For The Silver Top Diner
    Pat Brown VS Pawtuckets PRA

    Pat Brown-