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From series of 160 Panoramas shot between 1996-1999

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Very Large Array

Very Large Array QuickTime VR

Quicktime VR of the Very Large Array in New Mexico, from 1996.

View flat image here, or, if the embedded movie above doesn’t display for you, you can see the movie directly here.

Taro Garden Quicktime VR

Quicktime VR of a traditional taro garden on Maui, Hawaii. Shot in 1996, I put together this whopping 2 meg “hi res” QTVR in 1997 thinking nobody would ever wait for the whole thing to download. 10 years later and 2 megs isn’t even a consideration. Enjoy.

If the embedded movie doesn’t work, you can see the movie here.

Lake Heron, New Mexico, 1996

Lake Heron
Lake Heron, New Mexico, 1996

Haleakala, 1996

Haleakala Sunrise
Sunrise atop Mt. Haleakala, 1996

RadioValve, 1998

RadioValve 1998

Dev, E23, and Stacy spinning live at the orginal RadioValve HQ. Boulder, Colorado, 1998

RadioValve 2000

RadioValve, 2000

E23 and friend multitasking at RadioValve global headquarters, 2000

Observatory, Haleakala, 1996


Observatory, Mt. Haleakala, Hawaii 1996

Very Large Array

Very Large Array

Very Large Array, New Mexico, 1996

Quicktime VR of this image is here

Ground Zero

Ground Zero
Trinity Test Site, White Sands, New Mexico, 1997

bk ev-1

General Motors EV-1

In 1996, I was hired to photograph in QuickTime VR the General Motors EV1 Electric Vehicle for, and it remained online until a few months ago (2006), when a less than positive film about the EV1 was released. I haven’t seen the film, so I can’t comment.

I also had the good fortune to drive the vehicle. The pickup was amazing, and it was utterly silent. Awesome ride.

Below are links to the QuickTime VR movies of the EV1 which I created. I have the source files, film, and video from the shoot, so someday I may create a higher resolution version of this project.

On a geek note, the QuickTime VR files for this project were assembled into a standalone application which was authored with mTropolis. Unfortunately, the presentation will no longer run on a modern Mac or PC (gotta love progress). So most of the “coolness” for that project is gone forever. But the images and animations still exist…

See EV-1 Interior

See EV-1 Exterior

Tim Leary

Tim Leary Quicktime VR

This is a picture from 1995 with Jay Haynes, Tim Leary, and myself. This was from the day we shot QuicktimeVR’s of Tim’s house.

The Tim Leary QTVR is here

I still have the film on this, so it would be fun to rescan it and stitch a new movie. If anyone is interested, let me know.