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Ghetto U

Ghetto U Logos

Ghetto U is now live. Check out the website at:

Logos and website designed Q3 2006, for Sunshine Direct

Black Baby Doll Hoodie

Google Times

Google Times

Innovative new product from Google, the world’s leader in information technology.

Created for todays busy executive, the Google Times conveniently delivers the days top headlines in printed format to your door, everyday.

Who has the time to read all the news on the web?

Innovative features include: content aggregator (ap, upi), original content (reporters), recommendation system (reviews), user generated content (letters to the editor), expert system (editorials), and content filters (editors). Now with local, national, and international content, advertising revenue model, and integrated b2b and b2c merchant services.

This sophisticated mobile handheld user interface has undergone over 100 years of user testing.


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Conversation Starter

Conversation Starter

Conversation Starter


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  • Marlboreo 650, Camel Communicator
  • Kool Lite-A-Fone Slide Top

Marlboreo 650, Camel Communicator, Kool Lite-A-Fone

Marlboreo 650, Camel Communicator, Kool Lite-A-Fone Slide Top

created 2/23/07

bonus! note that one month after I posted this, a *real* cigarette phone showed up! check out: The ultimate smokers’ phone.

Parthenon Dodecacore V12


Outstanding dodeca-core performance for todays power hungry executive.

With its twelve execution cores, the Parthenon Dodecacore V12 computer is optimized for multi-threaded applications and multitasking, such as word processing and email.

Command the power you’ve earned.

Rikki Rikki Rappr

Straight outta’ kinkos

Found in the moldy old noteboks from the 80′s. Here’s a sketch I did one day for a kid’s toy concept. Rikki Rikki Rapp’r.

Idea was to have a physical scratching device inside a bright colored plastic housing – kid safe 2 years old and up. Sort of like the way we used to put baseball cards on our bike wheels to make a clicking sound. There’s a dirth of “hip hop” toys out there now, but this seemed pretty silly back in 1988. Now it’s mainstream.