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Things -o- contemplation

Resurrected from the attic of Grandma’s Labs, Mark Blank has unearthed part of the original “Things-o-contemplation” tablets.

Worth contemplating …


Joanne's Silver Top Diner

Joanne’s Silver Top Diner

Joanne’s Silver Top Diner, Providence, RI, 1985
Infra-Red Broiling – Vaculator Coffee


Magritte, a film by Mark Blank, performed by Calvin Thomas & The Special Touch with Mike Oatman. 1984.



I love this.

Not mine. Created by my friend Mark Blank. See

I’d like to make a large permanent flat screen display with this image. Now thats art.

Mark Blank

Mark Blank

Mark Blank

shitty painting

Shitty painting

Here’s a fairly shitty painting I did back in 1986 while at RISD. Well, it’s not that shitty. Ok, it is. But shitty in a good way. I like it. This was sent to me by my friend Mark Blank, who has kept it all these years. That’s a high school picture of his wife Robin in the painting.



Here’s a pic that my friend Mark Blank sent me recently from 1985 – back in the RISD days.