VuJak Directed Entertainment System, 1993

Ahhh. Vujak.

The first video sampler. I created VuJak with Max (from Opcode at the time, now Max/MSP) with Lisa Eisenpresser and Jay Haynes. Much fun followed.

I have many hours of video material which I will try and post in the next year or so. There are lots of good stories, too, so I will update this from time to time.

I just posted a few videos here.

There is a VuJak wikipedia page.

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  • Tim Dawson

    It looks awesome! But they are suitable for here such Video Mapping Loops?

  • Max

    I’d love to hear more of the stories. Please elaborate.
    In the Billboard article it says that it was going to be released in 1995. Was it and was it successful?
    You write 1993 here. I suppose this was the year you started to work on it or used it in performances?

  • Max

    Oh, I suppose it’s not using Jitter, which was released 10 years later, in 2003 from what I remember. So you wrote the video part yourself in Max? With what kind of technology? OpenGL came later?