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Vujak Billboard Magazine 1995

Vujak Billboard Magazine 1995

Was just sent this Google Books scan of a Billboard Magazine article on Vujak from 1995, or 3 BG (Before Google). What will they scan next?

Some more Vujak stuff

Early VuJak videos

Sweatin’ to the old school: here are some early VuJak videos which I recently found on Hi-8 tapes in my closet.

The first video is from the Digital Hollywood conference in Beverly Hills, 1994. Some friends at Interactive Light lent us an array of floor mounted infrared controllers, so we hooked them into VuJak and let people do what they wanted during the exhibit. Shown in this video is a dancer who got quicky hooked on it and spent a long time with it. Interactive Light, Inc. created the D Beam Controller, which is now integrated into Roland keyboards.

The next video is just us having fun in the studio one night in 1993. We had just gotten the system working well and there were people over for a party, so we turned on the camera. Fun stuff.

And here’s some raw footage straight out of the system from around the same time. Fun with randomness. Always liked this. Still kinda relevant. Bill was so much more fun than GW…

There’s another post about VuJak here

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VuJak Directed Entertainment System, 1993

Ahhh. Vujak.

The first video sampler. I created VuJak with Max (from Opcode at the time, now Max/MSP) with Lisa Eisenpresser and Jay Haynes. Much fun followed.

I have many hours of video material which I will try and post in the next year or so. There are lots of good stories, too, so I will update this from time to time.

I just posted a few videos here.

There is a VuJak wikipedia page.

Tazmanian Devil VJ station

Now here’s a curiosity …

This is an initial rendering of a Tazmanian Devil VJ Station which we concepted for Warner Brothers in 1994. This was intended to be an in-store device. I dont think this ever went anywhere, but we may have just been 10 – 15 years ahead of our time. This would still be a fun device …