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MassMoca 2002

MassMoca 2002

Two images from my May 2002 performance at MassMoca.

If you have never been there, I highly recommend the trip to MassMoca in western Massachusetts. It is one of the best art museums in the country, and it has a massive exhibition hall where they can bring in some of the best monumental scale contemporary art.

MassMoca 2002

  • Playing Vujak
  • VuJak

VuJak Directed Entertainment System, 1993

Ahhh. Vujak.

The first video sampler. I created VuJak with Max (from Opcode at the time, now Max/MSP) with Lisa Eisenpresser and Jay Haynes. Much fun followed.

I have many hours of video material which I will try and post in the next year or so. There are lots of good stories, too, so I will update this from time to time.

I just posted a few videos here.

There is a VuJak wikipedia page.



Music by Joshua Kit Clayton

Created with MAX/MSP Jitter, 2002

This is a music video I made shortly after Jitter was released in 2002. I had used music which was created by Josh Clayton, so I sent him a copy, and he smiled on the piece. Thanks again, Josh.

It was shown at the Raindance Film Festival in England in 2004.

141 Hours

Music by David Fodel
Created for Addictive TV and SciFi Channel UK, 2001


These Melodies

Music by David Fodel
Created for Addictive TV Mixmasters Series, 2003

Full Metal Oxide

bk EBV 1991

EBV 1991, with AK-Hi8 Assault Camera

Gardner Post took this cool 3D picture of me at the Lollapaloozah in 1991

Experimental Televison Center, Owego, NY, 1990

Experimental Televison Center, Owego, NY, 1990

Here’s an image of Gardner Post, Josh Pearson, and myself goofing around at the Experimental Television Center in Owego, NY, from 1990. We stayed there for 1 week as artists in residence, and made some great work. They had all sorts of analog video synthesis hardware there, and a device called a “Wiggletron” which was apparently built for Nam Jun Paik.

Tazmanian Devil VJ station

Now here’s a curiosity …

This is an initial rendering of a Tazmanian Devil VJ Station which we concepted for Warner Brothers in 1994. This was intended to be an in-store device. I dont think this ever went anywhere, but we may have just been 10 – 15 years ahead of our time. This would still be a fun device …

Brian Kane ICA 2003

Performance at the ICA London, 2003

Brian Kane ICA 2003

Here’s an image of me performing for the Cybersonica 2003 festival at the Institute for Contemporary Art, London. I was invited to do the show by my friends at Addictive TV. Thanks again, guys :)

Ovni Logo

OVNI Logo, 2004

OVNI Logo, 2004, created for 2004 Mixmasters TV show. This Logo appeared on the “Low Rolling Resistance” video which David Fodel and I created for Addictive TV’s UK series. Brian Comerford provided the copy for the text crawl. This was an interesting piece, very experimental. I would still love to go back and re-edit it, as I never did feel that it was properly finished.

There’s a nice pic of dev, e23, and myself as Ovni here, along with some other pics from our 2002 “Future of Kitchen Design” tour.

  • michael oatman
  • michael oatman

Michael Oatman, The Leisure Channel, 1987

Here are two images of Michael Oatman from our first taping of The Leisure Channel in 1987. Mike is amazing. And boy, I think we were just way too ahead of our time. Everything we thought was funny then has come true ….

1991 EBN materials

EBN Images from 1991

Here are three of our original EBN images from 1991. These were created for the first Lollapalooza tour. During the tour, we sold the t-shirts and vhs tapes (what’s vhs dad?). And we “toured” in the EBV (emergency broadcast vehicle), shown here. Interestingly, I made the t-shirts with Shepard Fairey of Obey/Giant fame. We made them at his studio in Fall River.

Telepodium Launcher

Original EBN Poster

“Tomorrow’s Defense Entertainment Today”

Here’s a copy of the original EBN poster which I created way back in 1990. This highlighted the Telepodium Launcher (TPL), which was built by Gardner Post and Josh Pearson. This was created for a local show, and unfortunately I don’t remember what it was. If anyone remembers, let me know. There was an extra layer of text on top of this image, but I can no longer open the original quark file on this.