Shoot ‘Em Up – Addictive TV remix

Cutting ‘n’ sampling again! The Addictive guys were asked to remix the new Clive Owen action movie Shoot ‘Em Up for this trailer…

Once again, Hollywood studio New Line Cinema have asked Addictive TV to create an audiovisual viral for one of their new releases, and this time it’s writer/director Michael Davis’ cult-in-the-making “Shoot ‘Em Up” that’s had the Addictive TV treatment. A smash when previewed at the recent Comic Con in San Diego, the movie – starring Clive Owen and Monica Bellucci – is a relentless and visceral action thriller taken to cartoony proportions (more than a slight nod to Bugs Bunny here) where a mysterious lone hero with a very dark sense of humour has some clever ways of getting out of bad situations to protect a newborn baby.