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Rob. Half Bob, Half Ron.

This was the first color computer graphic I ever made, in 1986 at RISD. IBM PC/XT, 8 bit color, and output to 4″ x 5″ film with a Solitaire film recorder.

Praise Bob

ibm pc xt

Thank you

Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

Really. Thank you. To everyone who helped get the word out this weekend.

Baby Grand Master is on the homepages of Gizmodo and Engadget right now.

Baby Grand Master – The King of Video Instruments

Baby Grand Master - The King of Video Instruments

Baby Grand Master - The King of Video Instruments
Gardner Post Presents:

Baby Grand Master™ – The King of Video Instruments.

Introducing the breathtaking Baby Grand Master™, Gardner Post’s latest, most muscled athlete.

Shouldered and powerful as always, but sleeker now with Pioneer DVJ-X1 DVD players, this powerful entertainment machine is purposefully trimmed and tuned for heart-pounding performance. Artistic expression, power, control and comfort await notice with bold assurance.

There’s not an ounce of excess. But there is anticipation… because on stage, in the museum, or in the living room, the Baby Grand Master™ commands.

Now available to qualifying clientele.

  • Eternal Combustion Engine
  • Eternal Combustion Engine

Eternal Combustion Engine

Marble Esplanade

Two scale studies for a monumental SUV sculpture, 4/10/07

Ghetto U

Ghetto U Logos

Ghetto U is now live. Check out the website at:

Logos and website designed Q3 2006, for Sunshine Direct

Black Baby Doll Hoodie

Google Times

Google Times

Innovative new product from Google, the world’s leader in information technology.

Created for todays busy executive, the Google Times conveniently delivers the days top headlines in printed format to your door, everyday.

Who has the time to read all the news on the web?

Innovative features include: content aggregator (ap, upi), original content (reporters), recommendation system (reviews), user generated content (letters to the editor), expert system (editorials), and content filters (editors). Now with local, national, and international content, advertising revenue model, and integrated b2b and b2c merchant services.

This sophisticated mobile handheld user interface has undergone over 100 years of user testing.


see also Google Tires

  • This is not a dirigible
  • This is not a dirigible
  • This is not a dirigible
  • This is not a dirigible

This is not a dirigible.

Study for dirigible.

Part of an ongoing conversation with Michael Oatman.


  • Pushpin 2
  • Pushpin 4
  • Pushpin 4
  • Pushpin 3
  • Pushpin 1

Study for inflatable pushpins

Study for inflatable pushpins, 4/3/07
part of the Homeland Identification Project (HIP)

Spiral Road

Spiral Road

Monumental Sculpture
Pure Driving Pleasure
Strategic Design Initiative

Spiral RoadSign


  • Washington Monument
  • Grand Canyon
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Homeland Identification Project
  • Homeland Identification Project
  • Washington Monument

Homeland Information Project (HIP)

Large scale user-friendly solid and inflatable information emblems for significant landmarks provide easy to use standardized geo-location and identification on postions of interest.
Part of the virtual realification anti-pattern.