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The Seems: The Split Second

The Seems: The Split Second

The second book in The Seems series, “The Split Second”, is in bookstores, and we’ve updated the website with a new look and new material. Have a look.

The Seems is the award winning children’s book series from Bloomsbury USA about a Fixer and his desperate Missions to save The World.

Becker Drane’s still got the coolest job in The World, but it’s getting harder and harder to live a normal life outside of The Seems. He’s always working, getting pulled out of bed to go Fix, and his Me-2 spends more time with his family than he does. And even though it’s completely against the Rules, he can’t stop thinking about Jennifer Kaley, the totally cool girl he met during his Mission in Sleep. Things don’t get any easier when a bomb explodes in the Department of Time and Becker is called in to take over for a more senior Fixer who disappeared during the Mission. With so many lives at stake, it’s his toughest Fix yet; Becker finds himself going places in The Seems he never knew existed and meeting people long thought dead. Yep, it’s just another day in the life of Becker Drane. Let’s hope he lives to Fix again. . . .