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7th International Conference on Art and Technology, October 1st – 12th, 2008, Museu Nacional do Complexo Cultural da Republica, Brasilia, Brazil

I’ll be exhibiting some new video work and presenting:

Open Source Art: Proposals for Hyper-Collaborative Artworks in a Connected World

The internet, low cost cell phones, cheap laptops, and readily available electronic parts now allow giant groups of people, dispersed across the planet, to team up and create massive events.

How can we harness the power of these technologies to create meaningful art pieces? What are the cultural barriers which need to be crossed in order to get millions of people to co-operate with each other to create something together? How can a diverse and massive group of people come to a consensus on what the piece should be, and who, if anyone, should claim ownership?

The open source movement has a proven record of success in the software field, and has been instrumental to helping the growth of the internet. In this presentation, I will discuss a proposal for applying open source methodology to create the worlds largest sculpture, the Very Large Display (VLD), and the human and technological challenges facing such a large scale collaborative project.


I look forward to a fantastic symposium and exhibition. Thanks in to Tania Fraga and everyone at Universidade de Brasilia and Museu Nacional do Complexo Cultual da Republica for helping to put this event together.