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Top 10 YouTube Doubler video mashups and how to create your own

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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Have you ever seen two videos of a completely different nature and thought about how crazy and fun it would be to watch them side by side at the same time?

YouTube Doubler (currently in its Gamma phase – a later phase – of development) will let you do just that and has made it very easy to create your own weird and wonderful video mashups.

The only tools you will need to make your own YouTube Doubler is a great sense of humor and a keen and creative eye (and ear).

For inspiration, have a look at the current top ten YouTube Doubler mashups as recorded on January 13:

1. Requiem for Alex Jones
2. Luckiest Man On Earth (Almost Deadly Accident) vs Human Tetris
3. Goat vs Alex Jones
4. Final Fantasy VII vs 2girls1cup best reaction
5. Joe vs Toby
6. YouTube Dramatics
7. Ninja Cat vs Psycho
8. More Alex Jones vs Goat
9. Hurtful Words vs Geico Caveman
10. ARMY OF THE PHARAOHS – BATTLE CRY vs Fatties at the grocery store rant

For further tips and information about making your own video mashups head to