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House of God Play It Kershaw Network

HDADD Wide Definition Content Test

Ben Stokes, House of God
David Last, Play It Kershaw
Ned Beatty, Network


  • MeatWater
  • Meatwater Italian Sausage
  • Meatwater Tandoori Chicken



New from the Division of Liquid Innovation at Cheap Tattoo Removal

  • Mac Maxi
  • Mac Tub Pro

Mac Maxi

Mac Maxi

Furniture concept, coffee table, 4/27/07


MacTub Pro
Hot tub design inspired by Mac Maxi, created by Mark Blank

Merry Go Round

Merry Go Round, performed by Glenn French.

Experiment 1. 5/2/07

If you like this, try YouTube Doubler. Make your own YouTube mashup.

  • Eternal Combustion Engine
  • Eternal Combustion Engine

Eternal Combustion Engine

Marble Esplanade

Two scale studies for a monumental SUV sculpture, 4/10/07

Google Times

Google Times

Innovative new product from Google, the world’s leader in information technology.

Created for todays busy executive, the Google Times conveniently delivers the days top headlines in printed format to your door, everyday.

Who has the time to read all the news on the web?

Innovative features include: content aggregator (ap, upi), original content (reporters), recommendation system (reviews), user generated content (letters to the editor), expert system (editorials), and content filters (editors). Now with local, national, and international content, advertising revenue model, and integrated b2b and b2c merchant services.

This sophisticated mobile handheld user interface has undergone over 100 years of user testing.


see also Google Tires

  • iPot
  • Thoughts.  On Music.



Thoughts. On Music.

created 2/25/07

  • Marlboreo 650, Camel Communicator
  • Kool Lite-A-Fone Slide Top

Marlboreo 650, Camel Communicator, Kool Lite-A-Fone

Marlboreo 650, Camel Communicator, Kool Lite-A-Fone Slide Top

created 2/23/07

bonus! note that one month after I posted this, a *real* cigarette phone showed up! check out: The ultimate smokers’ phone.

Parthenon Dodecacore V12


Outstanding dodeca-core performance for todays power hungry executive.

With its twelve execution cores, the Parthenon Dodecacore V12 computer is optimized for multi-threaded applications and multitasking, such as word processing and email.

Command the power you’ve earned.

HP Brunswick 300

HP Brunswick  300
HP Brunswick 300 portable computer w/ enhanced Round Format HDADHDV monitor for tight focus.

Kustom Classic

Kustom Classic

The computer that goes up to 11. Fat Panel sold seperately.



HDATM – It’s filled with cash!

Superb vision in an elegant, contemporary design.

Have you been using an old-fashioned analog ATM all these years? Then you are in for a surprise. The widescreen HDATM is as good as banking technology gets. High-definition ATM’s have far more pixels than older ATM’s. You get a crisp, detailed image. It’s unlike any ATM you have seen before.

The widescreen HDATM has a higher aspect ratio than analog ATM’s of the past. It is so much easier to make financial transactions this way. And the aspect ratio of a widescreen HDATM closely matches the viewing angle of the human eye. Funds will look more real and natural. You will be able to immerse yourself totally in the banking experience. Quick action and realistic viewing angles put you in the bank. Every corner of the screen is filled with cash. And the picture will not blur due to fast movement, like on ATM’s of the past. It’s all crystal clear with HDATM.

Our widescreen HDATM provides you with Digital Dolby Surround sound. This equals what you would hear in a movie theater. The sound quality and widescreen HDATM format make the experience even more rewarding. This is banking as you have never seen it before.

Part of an ongoing conversation with Gardner Post.

created 12/16/06

Truck Pull, the Next Generation

Truck Pull

The ultimate truck pull monster truck demolition derby extravaganza! Off-shoot of the Peterbilt Theatre concept. Part of an ongoing conversation with Gardner Post.

Truck Pull

Truck Pull

Tazmanian Devil VJ station

Now here’s a curiosity …

This is an initial rendering of a Tazmanian Devil VJ Station which we concepted for Warner Brothers in 1994. This was intended to be an in-store device. I dont think this ever went anywhere, but we may have just been 10 – 15 years ahead of our time. This would still be a fun device …