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Video and images from “Waiting for Google”, Murphy and Dine Gallery, NYC, May 2010

Content includes: iPad sculpture with Custom App of Spinning Wheel of Death, Durst Lambda Prints of Digital Icon Physical Sculptures, Digital Physical Archive of Pi to the Millionth Digit, Meatwater™, eXperimints™, Fine Fueling, Gift Baskets, more.

HD Video: Terry Golob
Music: Crack’d Beauty by Aerostatic

Disc sculpture: Gardner Post
App development: Jose Rojas
Photography: Till Krautkraemer

Special thanks to everyone who came out for the party and everyone that helped make this happen!

House of God Play It Kershaw Network

HDADD Wide Definition Content Test

Ben Stokes, House of God
David Last, Play It Kershaw
Ned Beatty, Network


200 (2007)

This tribute to our country’s 200th birthday was funded by a Bicentennial Project Grant and animated by Vincent Collins who made other psychedelic cartoons. This film was produced by the United States Information Agency.

Updated and enhanced August, 2007.

Music: David Last