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Board2 - Stoneham Southbound 93

Healing Tool

Please see this page for video, images, and documentation.

“Healing Tool” is a site-specific installation and visual realignment by media artist Brian Kane.

As part of his ongoing series “Art for Commuters”, this installation introduces a poetically enhanced digital image on a giant billboard in order to restore and realign the surrounding landscape.

Presented from June 28 to July 26 along interstate highways I-93 and I-95, this work translates Brian Kane’s ongoing effort to simulate photoshop effects in the real world.

For more info please contact Luise Kaunert

Photography: Nate Wieselquist and Simone Schiess. Design consultant: Joanne Kaliontzis

Board1 - Wakefield Northbound 95

Board2 - Stoneham Southbound 93