Smartest Thing in the Room – AI Design
Sep 19, 2017

Brian Kane
(617) 596 4897

This page:

Generate ideas, rapid prototype, and user test an AI project

Week 1
Tues Sep 19
Intro: The 50,000 foot view of the ai market, trends, and technology
Exercise 1
Hardware, software demo

Wed Sep 20
Design Thinking
Exercise 2
API’s overviews

Week 2
Tues Sep 26
Rapid prototyping
User testing

Wed Sep 27
Start projects

Week 3
Tues Oct 3, Wed Oct 4
Hands on – work on projects

Week 4
Mon Oct 9
Test and demo

Tues Oct 10
User testing

Seed Studios Respeaker

Adobe Character Animator


IBM Watson


Alexa Skills Kit

Siri Kit

Cloud Machine Learning Engine

Conversation API

Tensor Flow

Amazon Machine Learning API

Cortana Machine Learning API’s

Online courses:

Coursera Courses, Andrew Ng

Udacity Deep Learning Course by Google–ud730

Oxford Course on Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing


Being Human – 2016 Syllabus

The Myth of a Superhuman AI

AI Keynotes, O’Reilly Conference Sept 18-19

A robot did better than 80% of students on the University of Tokyo entrance exam

The Seven Deadly Sins of Predicting the Future of AI

Predicting the unforeseen follies of autonomous vehicles

How we built the first real self-driving car (really)

Apple Animojis

Puzzle Solving

Graph Traversal: solving the 8-puzzle with basic A.I. – C#

Puzzlesolver-AI – Github Python

JavaScript AI For An HTML Sliding Tiles Puzzle