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Critical Making

Big thanks to Garnet Hertz for including a piece of mine in his new Critical Making zine. I’m honored to be included with so many great artists in this publication.

A handmade book project by Garnet Hertz in the field of critical technical practice and critically-engaged maker culture. Critical making is defined by Ratto as exploring how hands-on productive work – making – can supplement and extend critical reflection on the relations between digital technologies and society. It also can be thought of as an appeal to makers to be critically engaged with culture, history and society.

Village Voice

Village Voice: MeatWater is Brilliant

There have been some recent reports going around the blogosphere about MeatWater, a new beverage that resembles VitaminWater but is flavored to mirror one’s favorite porcine and bovine dishes (i.e., Dirty Hot Dog Water, Wiener Schnitzel Water, Tandoori Chicken Water). What a zeitgeisty product, no? After all, bacon soda recently came to market and all things meat-related grab headlines. But seriously, food writers! Have you not been to MeatWater’s website and realized that it wasn’t an actual beverage product but a piece of performance art? AOL, how dense are you to believe that it is a real beverage company? Still, we had to learn more, so we got in touch with founder Till Krautkrämer. Guess what? MeatWater is even more awesome than we’d originally thought!

Read more: Village Voice

#1 on Reddit 1/1/11

#1 on Reddit 1/1/11

Big thanks again to and user kentrel for making youtubedoubler #1 on new years day.

How to torture anyone

ETC: Experimental Television Center 1969-2009

ETC: Experimental Television Center 1969-2009

Thanks to Sherry Hocking at the Experimental Television Center for including work by David Fodel and myself in their new DVD anthology. It’s an honor to be included in this collection with such amazing artists. The massive 19 hour collection can be purchased through Electronic Arts Intermix.

ETC: Experimental Television Center 1969-2009
2009, 19 hours, b&w and color, sound, DVD

ETC: Experimental Television Center 1969-2009 is a groundbreaking compilation of electronic media work by 100 artists who have worked in the Center’s Residency Program during the last 40 years.

Stickers: Stuck-Up Piece of Crap: From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art

Stickers: Stuck-Up Piece of Crap: From Punk Rock to Contemporary ArtStickers: From Punk Art to Contemporary Art

Stickers: Stuck-Up Piece of Crap: From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art

MeatWater™ brand High Efficiency Survival Beverage featured in this new book from Rizzoli.

Available at bookstores or buy at

Vujak Billboard Magazine 1995

Vujak Billboard Magazine 1995

Was just sent this Google Books scan of a Billboard Magazine article on Vujak from 1995, or 3 BG (Before Google). What will they scan next?

Some more Vujak stuff

ABC Australia: Product Displacement

What if the best way of selling a brand was without the brand at all? Hungry Beast airs in Australia on the ABC, 9PM Wednesdays. More stories:

The Independent

Top 10 YouTube Doubler video mashups and how to create your own

Big thanks to The Independent

Relax News
Thursday, 14 January 2010

Have you ever seen two videos of a completely different nature and thought about how crazy and fun it would be to watch them side by side at the same time?

YouTube Doubler (currently in its Gamma phase – a later phase – of development) will let you do just that and has made it very easy to create your own weird and wonderful video mashups.

The only tools you will need to make your own YouTube Doubler is a great sense of humor and a keen and creative eye (and ear).

For inspiration, have a look at the current top ten YouTube Doubler mashups as recorded on January 13:

1. Requiem for Alex Jones
2. Luckiest Man On Earth (Almost Deadly Accident) vs Human Tetris
3. Goat vs Alex Jones
4. Final Fantasy VII vs 2girls1cup best reaction
5. Joe vs Toby
6. YouTube Dramatics
7. Ninja Cat vs Psycho
8. More Alex Jones vs Goat
9. Hurtful Words vs Geico Caveman
10. ARMY OF THE PHARAOHS – BATTLE CRY vs Fatties at the grocery store rant

For further tips and information about making your own video mashups head to

YouTube Doubler on G4 TV

Thanks to G4 TV Attack of the Show for their great review of Nickelback vs Rooster on YouTube Doubler (starts at about 3:10)

And thanks to all the users that have been using the site!

MeatWater™ on Jay Leno

MeatWater™ High Efficiency Survival Beverage featured in the Jay Leno monologue, Friday 13 November, 2009

Click here to watch on

MeatWater™ – Look good. Feel Good. Do Good.

Skynoise Interview


Thanks to Jean Poole for posting his interview with me on Skynoise. is a central source for new and emerging media art and innovation – it’s a pleasure to be featured on such a great site.