In, On, Around, and Between – 2015


Whirlpool’s “Internet of Things” problem: No one really wants a “smart” washing machine

Big mother is watching you

The Problem With Wearable Technology, According To “Blade Runner” Designer Syd Mead

Smartwatches Are the Future—But Samsung Galaxy Gear Only Partway There

Leatherman Tread bracelet is the first truly useful ‘wearable’

A Watch Guy’s Thoughts On The Apple Watch After Seeing It In The Metal (Tons Of Live Photos)

Intel’s Sharp-Eyed Social Scientist

Make it work: what should fashion look like in the age of connected devices?

Looks are everything in wearable tech

Vogue: A Rare Look at Design Genius Jony Ive: The Man Behind the Apple Watch

Smart Watches, Wearables, and That Nasty Data Rash – Part 2

This Fake Log Jams Your Phone So You’ll Shut Up and Enjoy Nature

The year we get creeped out by algorithms

Mark Cuban: The Big Mistake You Don’t Know You’re Making on Social Media

Black Mirror, Season 1, Episode 2: Fifteen Million Merits

These “Brand Killer” Glasses Act Like Real-Life Ad Blockers


High fashion meets high-tech on the runway

Video of the Day: electronic makeup completely transforms model

The World’s First Selfie Hat Is Here

Maartje Dijkstra’s 3D Printed Ensemble Pumps to the Beat of a Different Drum

Kinematics Dress by Nervous System – 3D Printed by Shapeways

Glitch Fashion Is Front and Center At Tokyo Kaihouku’s Design Showcase

Iris Van Herpen

Hussein Chalayan

Mine All Mine



Google Unveils ‘Android Wear’ Interface For Smartwatches

The Glass Explorer Program is being shut down

Tim Cook hails Apple Watch health benefits: ‘Sitting is the new cancer’

Google opens dedicated section of Play Store for Android Wear apps

Microsoft Band

Microsoft Hololens

Intel wearables

A Novel Tech Incubator That Silicon Valley Wouldn’t Understand

Sony Secretly Promotes Its E-Paper Smartwatch On Crowdfunding Site

Amazon Echo

YouTube Microwave

This Startup Thinks Your Workplace Needs Wearable Walkie-Talkies

Nike Air Max Glow  Nike Roshe Run

Skechers stitched the Simon memory game into its new kids’ sneakers


Tech-Free Wristband Helps You Get Things Done


Cuff – Smart Jewelry

iRing – Motion controller for iPhone, iPad music apps and more.

Kickstarter funded gesture input ring is a disaster

Jewelry That’s Made Only of Light Beamed Onto Your Skin

Nixie wearable brings a personal drone to your wrist


Neil Harbisson is the only person in the world known to “hear” colour

Stick-on tattoo measures blood sugar without needles

Electroluminescent Fabric (EL)

Circuit Scribe

New Technology Shows Nurses Where Your Veins Are

Novalia PrintedMIDI for DJ QBert’s Album cover

Power Felt generates electricity from body heat

Ultimate wearable tech: NASA using 3D printing to design Mars spacesuit

This Phone Lets You Send Smells, Not Texts

3D-printed Osteoid cast

Soft Robot Keeps Moving, Even After Getting Run Over By A Car

Intel Edison

Mass-manufactured “Kilobots” self-assemble in thousand robot swarm

Forget the 3D Printer: 4D Printing Could Change Everything

Robot can wear your friend’s face and guess your mood

GTCMT – Robotic Drum Prosthesis Project

Thought-To-Speech Interface Gives Voice To Voiceless

The Three Breakthroughs That Have Finally Unleashed AI on the World

Cars that drive themselves starting to chat with each other

Your next smart shirt will make you look like an extra from ‘Tron’

A Cybernetic Implant That Allows Paralyzed Rats To Walk Again


E-Traces: Ballet Slippers That Make Drawings From The Dancer’s Movements

Microbot by Stelarc & Stefan Doepner

Viktoria Modesta, the world’s first amputee pop artist

Jon Satrom

Swanky Tunes

Full Turn


MOMA Adds Arduino, Makey Makey, And More

Sun Kyoung Kim

Aposematic Jacket

Blood selfie

Clark Griswold

Evan Penny

Motohiko Odani

Faig Ahmed

Tattoos and other types of ‘body modification’ explained

Imogen Heap’s sci-fi gloves make anyone a musician



Notes from way back in 2014

Mental Notes Behavior Cube