Kill the Noise – Kill It 4 The Kids (Feat. AWOLNATION & R.City)



What is compositing? What do you think of when you think of it? What are your favorites?

Why do we do it?

Add something, take something away, fix something, merge two things, create something new, other?

Should you notice the effect or is it invisible?

How was it done before computers?

Ernie Kovacs

Movie Matte Paintings Part 2 – Gone With the Wind – Alfred Hitchcock – Mary Poppins etc

Vertigo Effect – Track and Zoom

Glass Shot
The Glass shot in “Soldier Jack

Picasso Painting On Glass

Rear Projection


Peppers Ghost

Front Projection (Process Photography)
Filming and Compositing Models – Silent Running, Making of

Motion Tracking / High Speed and Optical Effects
Scientific and Effects Cinematography: “Behind the Lens” 1940 Chevrolet

No Special Effects

The Making of HBO City

2001 A Space Odyssey The Making Of A Myth Part 1 4