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In 1998 I met David Fodel aka devslashnull, and Brian Comerford aka E23, who had created, one of the first internet radio stations. I joined the RadioValve team as partner in 1999.

The image above is a player which I designed for one of the shows in 2000.

Radiovalve was featured in the Web Radio Book as well as a host of other publications. You can still listen to it online.

There are lots of interesting features on the site including interviews with Plaid, Terrence McKenna, Whitley Streiber, Luke Vibert, and Jonah Sharp

RadioValve is 24 Hour Techno.

bk ev-1

General Motors EV-1

In 1996, I was hired to photograph in QuickTime VR the General Motors EV1 Electric Vehicle for, and it remained online until a few months ago (2006), when a less than positive film about the EV1 was released. I haven’t seen the film, so I can’t comment.

I also had the good fortune to drive the vehicle. The pickup was amazing, and it was utterly silent. Awesome ride.

Below are links to the QuickTime VR movies of the EV1 which I created. I have the source files, film, and video from the shoot, so someday I may create a higher resolution version of this project.

On a geek note, the QuickTime VR files for this project were assembled into a standalone application which was authored with mTropolis. Unfortunately, the presentation will no longer run on a modern Mac or PC (gotta love progress). So most of the “coolness” for that project is gone forever. But the images and animations still exist…

See EV-1 Interior

See EV-1 Exterior

Upper Deck Pro 3D

Upper Deck Pro 3D 1994

Upper Deck Pro 3D Trading Card set which I designed, 1994



Graphic created for 2005 Valentines Day event at which I VJ’d.

Brian Kane Business Cards 06

Brian Kane Business Cards 2006

I made up these business cards in late 2005 as a fun giveaway before I went to a conference in Beijing. Ahhh.. Schwag.

Unfortunately they were very popular and went quickly, and I didn’t really get a great picture of them. But here’s what I have.

We made these by hand, using my officejet and glue stick. And there’s a secret message inside each one.



biPod – the two thumbed dj/vj iPod.


PlayAway Brand Family

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