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Computer Hell


And may you never go there :)

This is a picture from 1996, while programming the SDM (Super Dog Monkey) to walk for the Amorphic Robot Works show at The Lab in San Francisco. Plenty of cables for sure.

Baby Grand Master


Baby Grand Master. The King of Video Instruments.

created by Gardner Post.

photography by Till Krautkraemer.

Website coming soon …



I love this.

Not mine. Created by my friend Mark Blank. See

I’d like to make a large permanent flat screen display with this image. Now thats art.

MassMoca 2002

MassMoca 2002

Two images from my May 2002 performance at MassMoca.

If you have never been there, I highly recommend the trip to MassMoca in western Massachusetts. It is one of the best art museums in the country, and it has a massive exhibition hall where they can bring in some of the best monumental scale contemporary art.

MassMoca 2002

Phillips Andover 1988

Andover 1988

In 1988 I exhibited some work at Phillips Academy, Andover. This is one of the few images I have from that show. Included in that show were a variety of computer graphics as well paintings and sculptures.

The object in the foreground is a cattle brand in the shape of the McDonald’s logo. I always liked that piece :)

Risd Tap Room Mural, 1987

Tap Room

In the spring of 1987, a group of friends and i created a mural for the RISD Tap Room. This was entirely created with spraypaint and stencil.

I don’t remember everyone who worked on this, but I do remember that Alexandra Rohleder, Nicole Eisenman, Josh Pearson and Ben Carlson were involved.

This was a beautiful piece, and it remained up for 17 years. I believe that the school left a piece of it remaining when they refinished the tap room 2 years ago.

Good for the soul, bad for the lungs.

  • Terminator Boxed Set
  • Terminator Boxed Set

Terminator Boxed Set, 1992

Terminator Collection boxed set hologram I designed for Live Entertainment in 1992.

A quicktime of the robot film scans are here.

More holograms.

Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels, 1995

Silly image from a series of posters, pads, and cards which I created for Portal Publications in 1995. I always liked this image. It was a good seller, too.

Rikki Rikki Rappr

Straight outta’ kinkos

Found in the moldy old noteboks from the 80′s. Here’s a sketch I did one day for a kid’s toy concept. Rikki Rikki Rapp’r.

Idea was to have a physical scratching device inside a bright colored plastic housing – kid safe 2 years old and up. Sort of like the way we used to put baseball cards on our bike wheels to make a clicking sound. There’s a dirth of “hip hop” toys out there now, but this seemed pretty silly back in 1988. Now it’s mainstream.



HDATM – It’s filled with cash!

Superb vision in an elegant, contemporary design.

Have you been using an old-fashioned analog ATM all these years? Then you are in for a surprise. The widescreen HDATM is as good as banking technology gets. High-definition ATM’s have far more pixels than older ATM’s. You get a crisp, detailed image. It’s unlike any ATM you have seen before.

The widescreen HDATM has a higher aspect ratio than analog ATM’s of the past. It is so much easier to make financial transactions this way. And the aspect ratio of a widescreen HDATM closely matches the viewing angle of the human eye. Funds will look more real and natural. You will be able to immerse yourself totally in the banking experience. Quick action and realistic viewing angles put you in the bank. Every corner of the screen is filled with cash. And the picture will not blur due to fast movement, like on ATM’s of the past. It’s all crystal clear with HDATM.

Our widescreen HDATM provides you with Digital Dolby Surround sound. This equals what you would hear in a movie theater. The sound quality and widescreen HDATM format make the experience even more rewarding. This is banking as you have never seen it before.

Part of an ongoing conversation with Gardner Post.

created 12/16/06

Alien franks

Alien franks

Alien franks. Contains no meat.



Sculpture, 1994

Plaster and Antennae

Instant Classics

Instant Classics

Instant Clasics, 1995

This was an early website – very web 1.0. Instant Classics started its life as a book, but we decided to publish it instead on this new “world wide web” thing. We’ve gotten lots of great compliments on IC through the years, and it was Yahoo site of the day or some such thing way back.

Some great content, though, from people including Mark Mothersbaugh and Arthur C. Clarke.