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Usher vs Goat YouTube Doubler

Usher vs Goat

Usher – Papers vs Goat yelling like a man

More adventures in user generated content. This doubler went viral this week (14 Dec 09) – many wykops to the friendly folks at!

  • iDrum RZA of Wu-Tang
  • iDrum RZA of Wu-Tang

iDrum: RZA of Wu-Tang

New original music by RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan.

iDrum is the addictive app that lets you create your own music, even if you have no musical experience! The RZA of Wu-Tang edition includes a huge selection of drum, percussion, melody, voice, and effect samples produced by RZA. Start with a selection of amazing kits and patterns, then customize them to make them your own.

Whether you’re new to making music or an expert beatmaker, iDrum is for you. Build beats layer by layer by tapping the touch screen, or create music with simple shapes and color combinations that help you visualize the rhythm.

▪ The fun and simple way to make music on your iPhone or iPod touch
▪ Includes sounds and 17 original, pre-made kits by RZA
▪ Tap the touch screen to play and record your own musical patterns
▪ Bring sounds in and out of the mix to make songs on the fly and perform live
▪ Customize patterns to create your own unique beats
▪ Make beats for a mobile rap cypher
▪ Take control of the rhythm of every drum sound and sample

Download here

MeatWater™ on Jay Leno

MeatWater™ High Efficiency Survival Beverage featured in the Jay Leno monologue, Friday 13 November, 2009

Click here to watch on

MeatWater™ – Look good. Feel Good. Do Good.

Skynoise Interview


Thanks to Jean Poole for posting his interview with me on Skynoise. is a central source for new and emerging media art and innovation – it’s a pleasure to be featured on such a great site.

  • Iao
  • Yosemite
  • Fox Woods
  • Stupa
  • Eilsin
  • Exit Glacier
  • Taro Garden
  • Pihue
  • VLA (Very Large Array)
  • Chaco Canyon
  • Poipu Tidepool
  • Napali Coast
  • Lake Heron
  • Lake Heron
  • Kahakaloa
  • Abique
  • Flat Rock
  • Ludlow, California
  • Polychrome Mountain
  • Bosque de Redondo
  • Angel Peak
  • Lava Pool
  • Joshua Tree
  • Yosemite
  • Hana Seven Pools
  • Haleakala Sunrise
  • Trinity Test Site
  • Poipu Beach
  • Sugar Cane
  • Fox Island Vista
  • Haleakala Observatory
  • Maui Home
  • Napali Coast
  • Sedona
  • Jumbo
  • Woodrow Falls


From series of 160 Panoramas shot between 1996-1999

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Untitled Analog #8

David Fodel, Brian Kane
Experimental Television Center, Owego, New York, 2008