Augmented Body 2014

Welcome to 2014

Relatives Gather From Across The Country To Stare Into Screens Together,34842/

Two mega-trends of 2013: watches and glasses

Would you use these products?

The war for your wrist!

Google Glass Browser: HTML5 and Responsive Web Design in your head

Tim Cook teases ‘profound’ opportunity in wearable tech, says Google Glass won’t have mass appeal

Accessories – tech not enough, has to be good fashion first

Brand/fashion leaders: Apple, Beats by Dre

Three Big Ideas for Post-Smartphone Design, From the Mind Behind Beats by Dre

Smart Eyelashes and Fingernails: The Next Wave of Wearable Tech

Bionic fashion: Wearable tech that will turn man into machine by 2015

Apple Hires Paul Deneve From CEO Spot At Luxury Fashion House Yves Saint Laurent To Work On ‘Special Projects’

Privacy and identity

Defeating facial recognition, edible authentication, implants, tattoos

Passwords Are Out, Physical Keys Are Coming Back

Face to Anti-Face

Artist creates high-tech armor to protect from surveillance

Bulletproof iPhone

iPhone finger sensor

Digitalism and style

Are mobile phones still cool?

Gitch style

Lisbeth Antoine

Pixel Noizz

Brooke Roberts‚ Calibration Collection

Getting the culture right:

And getting the culture wrong:

Analog simulations

Rahman Hak-Hagir and Brian Kane, Mobile Privacy Device

Kunihiko Morinaga

Phillip Stearns Glitch Textiles

Xavier Veilhan

Body as interface: gesture, touch, recognition, sound

No more keyboard, mouse, screen – how do we interact?

PSFK – Adaptive storefront prototype

Motorola shows off insane electronic tattoo and ‘vitamin authentication’ prototype wearables

Ying Gao

Group action

The lonely node

Eerie Photos Reveal A New Kind Of Loneliness In The Digital Age

Grouper CEO Show How to End Digital Loneliness

It’s Time to Take Mesh Networks Seriously (And Not Just for the Reasons You Think)

The Technical Leader Of Google Glass Is Developing Technology That Would Allow A Dog To Talk To A Human

Smaller and smaller, cheaper and cheaper: ephemeralization and commodification

The Orb



Google buys boston dynamics, new robotic product line on sparkfun

Introducing WildCat



Limb Conditioning

Smartphone Case N



ICE Flexible LED 16mm Screen you can roll and wrap up in

Relax! Slip on an electric vest to knead away stress

Volvo unveils stunning portable solar panels for electric hybrid car

Meet the Shoe that Represents the Future of Fashion and 3D Printing


I forgot my phone

Process and prototype: collaboration, 3d printing and user testing “fail early and fail often”

Mechaneu v1

When science is stylish: Designer uses 3D printing to create a range of accessories that is taking the fashion world by storm


Laura Lay

Laura Kampman

Anne Sofie Madsen

Michael Burton and Michiko Nitta