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  • Brian Kane, Waiting for Google, iPad Application, Murphy and Dine Gallery, NYC
  • Brian Kane, “Waiting for Google” iPad Sculpture, Murphy and DIne Gallery NYC
  • Brian Kane, Waiting for Google, iPad Application, Murphy and Dine Gallery, NYC

World’s first iPad sculpture, “Waiting for Google”, in NYC Gallery

YOU control the pinwheel of death in the first-ever iPad™ art installation, “Waiting for Google,” now on view at the Murphy and Dine Gallery in New York City.

You can speed it up, slow it down, stop it or even make it go backwards, but you can’t make it go away.

“Waiting for Google” is artist Brian Kane’s magical, game-changing creation, which celebrates waiting and uncertainty in today’s force-quit world.

The exhibition explores the transfer of virtual experiences into the real world via monumental sculpture in a relaxed corporate-casual style. The user interface is elegant, intuitive and universal. There are no buttons to push. Just touch and control. It’s that simple.

Additional contents may include: foam anvils, pi to the millionth digit, sofappropriate prints, Mini MeatWater™, eXperimints™, PBJectors™, gift baskets, and more!

You’re invited to the closing party on Thursday evening, May 6 at the Murphy and Dine Gallery’s Chelsea location – see or for more info. I look forward to seeing you there!

Big thanks to Gardner Post, Till Krautkraemer, Scott Chasteen, Jose Rojas, the Liquid Innovations team and everyone else who helped put this together, and apologies to Samuel Beckett.

For those technically inclined, check out this great tutorial on coding video out on an iPad by Jose Rojas.

Study for Waiting Sculpture, 2009

“Waiting for Google”, Murphy and Dine Gallery

Save the Date: May 6

Please join us for the closing party for Brian Kane’s exhibition of new work, “Waiting for Google” at:

Murphy and Dine Gallery
520 West 27th Street, Suite 101 – ground floor
New York, NY 10001
(between 10th & 11th Avenues)
May 6, 7 – 10pm

Exhibition open to the public April 27 – May 8
Artist talk May 6, 7 – 7:30 pm

Music: David Last
Catering: Porchetta NYC
Special power assist: Gardner Post, Michael Oatman

RSVP via Facebook:
or email


Hansel and Gretal Re:Imagined

Created for Together Festival, Boston, Hansel and Gretal Re:Imagined, 13 Feb 2010

Glitch Mob
Nalepa Monday Remix

Thanks to everyone for a great event!



eXperimints™ 001


PBJector Precision Mix Injector


Precision Mix Injector
Coming soon

offline friendshirt™

offline friendshirt™

Take it offline

New offline friendshirt™. Share the love year round with this great non-denominational gift! Get one

MeatWater™ on Jay Leno

MeatWater™ High Efficiency Survival Beverage featured in the Jay Leno monologue, Friday 13 November, 2009

Click here to watch on

MeatWater™ – Look good. Feel Good. Do Good.

Skynoise Interview


Thanks to Jean Poole for posting his interview with me on Skynoise. is a central source for new and emerging media art and innovation – it’s a pleasure to be featured on such a great site.

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