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MeatWater Art.Fair 21

MeatWater™ ART.FAIR 21 Six Pack Sales Event

Buy 2 Six Packs, Save 20%!

MeatWater™ ART.FAIR 21 Six Pack Sales Event next week in Koln:
Strychnin Gallery, Booth B02
Friday, 3rd October until Sunday, 5th October 2008
Friday/Saturday 1pm – 9pm, Sunday 11am – 7pm
EXPO XXI, Gladbacher Wall 5, Cologne

Stop by, meet artist Till Krautkramer, and attend the press preview & Vernissage on October 2nd.
Contact: Iris Bitter,
Press accreditation:

Also this weekend, MeatWater™ is proud to sponsor Thom Kubli’s world record attempt for
World’s Longest Guitar Solo at the Figge von Rosen Galerie!

For more info:

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7th International Conference on Art and Technology, October 1st – 12th, 2008, Museu Nacional do Complexo Cultural da Republica, Brasilia, Brazil

I’ll be exhibiting some new video work and presenting:

Open Source Art: Proposals for Hyper-Collaborative Artworks in a Connected World

The internet, low cost cell phones, cheap laptops, and readily available electronic parts now allow giant groups of people, dispersed across the planet, to team up and create massive events.

How can we harness the power of these technologies to create meaningful art pieces? What are the cultural barriers which need to be crossed in order to get millions of people to co-operate with each other to create something together? How can a diverse and massive group of people come to a consensus on what the piece should be, and who, if anyone, should claim ownership?

The open source movement has a proven record of success in the software field, and has been instrumental to helping the growth of the internet. In this presentation, I will discuss a proposal for applying open source methodology to create the worlds largest sculpture, the Very Large Display (VLD), and the human and technological challenges facing such a large scale collaborative project.


I look forward to a fantastic symposium and exhibition. Thanks in to Tania Fraga and everyone at Universidade de Brasilia and Museu Nacional do Complexo Cultual da Republica for helping to put this event together.

Spacewalk the dog

Spacewalk the dog

Part of an ongoing conversation with Gardner Post and Till Krautkraemer.

iPhone Neck Rack

Study for musical assistive device

Study for hands free iMonica music assist integrated head up display device.


Situation 1

Situation 1

part of an ongoing conversation with Gardner Post and Till Krautkraemer.

Very Large Display

Study for Very Large Display (VLD)

The Very Large Display is the inverse of the Very Large Array.

The Very Large Display (VLD) sends a strong message outbound to intelligent species in the universe.

It is a large scale open source wide area hyper-participatory circuit-bent synchronous gps light sculpture, designed as an outreach campaign to raise awareness.

See also: 7art


16 Birds, Synthetic Times Beijing

16 Birds

Chico Macmurtrie, Brian Kane, Lily

Special thanks to Chico MacMurtrie, Sven Travis of Parsons The New School of Design, the National Art Museum of China and the organizers of the Synthetic Times exhibition.

I was honored to participate in the exhibition, and delighted to meet so many incredible artists, including Verdensteatret, Kurt Hentschläger, f18 institute, Edwin van der Heide, Blendid, Herwig Weiser, and David Rokeby.

For more information on 16 Birds, see this page on the Amorphic website and this page from an earlier exhibition in New York City.

String Machine

f18 institute



Guard Blendid

Herwig Weiser Autopsy

Lets do it live.

Mind Meld Group Shot
Photo credit: Arrow

I was going to write an article about this years Rhode Island Mind Meld, but I dont think I could do a better job than Peter Kirn’s recent post on

This was my second year as a participant, and I hope not my last.

It’s such a pleasure to have a creative spacetime to work and communicate with so many talented artists. I get to meet and share ideas with some of today’s top musicians and electronic artists. It is truly inspiring.

Special thanks to everyone involved, including:

Treanor Brothers Animation
Duncan Laurie
Steve Nalepa
Nick Bauta
Tony Flackett
Todd Thille
and of course
Peter Kirn

Brian Kane and Steve Nalepa

HDADD Diagram

HDADD System Diagram

HDADD For temporary relief. Fast Acting High Efficiency Ultra Wide Definition 48:9 Format Episodic Attention Deficit Polylinear MultiNarrative Web Video Mashup with Digital THC Mastered Stereo Plus Center Third Eye Sound

Relinked at reader request.


WMC: Gardner Post, DJ Tom Laroc and the Baby Grand Master in Miami

WMC: Gardner Post, DJ Tom Laroc and the Baby Grand Master in Miami

DJsounds caught up with the US conceptual/video artist Gardner Post to talk about art + technology at the Remix Hotel, at The National in South Beach. The interview is followed by a trip to a nearby apartment to get a special, behind-the-scenes insight into what Gardner’s working on this year – complete with words from celebrity DJ Tom Laroc!

Gardner was in South Beach with his Baby Grand Master creation (an acclaimed DJ/VJ masterpiece, modestly tagged the king of ‘video instruments’) to collaborate with the New York-born, Miami-based hip-hop DJ Tom Laroc/United Content Providers.

DJsounds last spoke to Gardner in 2007 at the Optronica festival, so it was great to see his vision for Baby Grand Master-style video mash-up materialising in such full-on splendour. Enjoy the show.

Words: LRC

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