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iDrum Video Game Edition from iZotope

iDrum Video Game Edition from iZotope has just been released to the iTunes Store.

Classic arcade game music for you to remix. Relive the glory days with retro 8-bit samples and thumb-numbing, heart-pounding, blow on the cartridge musical sequences.

Just tap squares, make a visual pattern, and youre making music.

Comes with 20 original songs including:
A Heros Path ? Alpha Commander ? An Epic Quest ? Boss Fight ? Chase ? Chipmunk Sidescroller ? Circuit Racer ? Dragon Battle ? Future Zone ? Home Town ? Hydro Battle ? Island Fun ? Jungle Run ? Rad Fighter ? Space ? Speed Demon ? Star Zone ? The Dungeon ? Vampire Lair ? You Will Never Escape ? Or make your own

- The fun and simple way to make music on your iPhone or iPod touch!
- Includes hundreds of retro sounds and 20 pre-made kits
- Tap the touch screen to play and record your own musical patterns
- Bring sounds in and out of the mix to make songs on the fly and perform live
- Customize patterns to create your own unique beats
- Take control of the rhythm of every drum sound and sample
- Transfer custom kits and samples to and from your computer

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Mission Success: Go For Launch, CCA Santa Fe 2009

Go For Launch, CCA Santa Fe, May – July 2009
Brian Kane, Gardner Post
Photos: Glenn French
Audio: Amy Zimmitti

Go For Launch is a large scale 12 screen interactive video art installation. The artistic recreation of an Apollo Saturn 1B launch uses authentic archival NASA audio and video footage to simulate the explosive power and emotion of one of humanity’s greatest achievements. It is a monument to the success of the past and a challenge to the present generation.

‘…one of the most stunning and mind-boggling sequences of video I have ever seen.’ Diane Armitage, THE magazine, September 2009
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For exhibition inquiries or more info, contact:
Loco Rites Communications

Special thanks to everyone at the Santa Fe Center for Contemporary Arts who helped make Go For Launch a big success.

Astronaut Pressing Button
Wide Shot Rightside
Wide Shot Center
Wide Shot with Human
Left Side Glowing

Birds, MuAC, Mexico City, June 2009

Chico MacMurtrie, Birds, June 2009, MuAC, Mexico City.
Photo credit: Luise Kaunert, Paris

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Study for Dock Sculpture

Study for Dock Sculpture


Study for Stone Loading Sculpture

Study for Stone Loading Sculpture


Study for Comment Bubble Sculpture

Study for Comment Bubble Sculpture

Study for Comment Bubble Sculpture


Study for Untitled Stone Waiting Sculpture #2

Study for Untitled Stone Waiting Sculpture #2