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i3L MIDI BRIDGE for the iPhone

i3L MIDI BRIDGE for the iPhone

Istanbul based vj collective announce the availability of i3L_v0.1, the first iphone to midi bridge for audio and video software as a free download.

i3L (pronounced “i thrill”) is Freeware developed using Max/MSP as a support application for the native iphone application aka.remote by Masayuki Akamatsu.

i3L receives pre-defined UDP messages from running on the iPhone, scales the values to MIDI, and allows you to configure the sending MIDI channel and control change message number.

i3L was developed to work seamlessly with our Real-time 3D VJ software Thrill, however i3L can be used with any audio or video software which receives midi messages.

For full specifications, demonstration video, and the download link, please visit

Please direct further inquiries to this email address.

House of God Play It Kershaw Network

HDADD Wide Definition Content Test

Ben Stokes, House of God
David Last, Play It Kershaw
Ned Beatty, Network


Sopranos (Enhanced)

render test 10/12/07

200 (2007)

This tribute to our country’s 200th birthday was funded by a Bicentennial Project Grant and animated by Vincent Collins who made other psychedelic cartoons. This film was produced by the United States Information Agency.

Updated and enhanced August, 2007.

Music: David Last

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