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Telepodium Launcher

Original EBN Poster

“Tomorrow’s Defense Entertainment Today”

Here’s a copy of the original EBN poster which I created way back in 1990. This highlighted the Telepodium Launcher (TPL), which was built by Gardner Post and Josh Pearson. This was created for a local show, and unfortunately I don’t remember what it was. If anyone remembers, let me know. There was an extra layer of text on top of this image, but I can no longer open the original quark file on this.

shitty painting

Shitty painting

Here’s a fairly shitty painting I did back in 1986 while at RISD. Well, it’s not that shitty. Ok, it is. But shitty in a good way. I like it. This was sent to me by my friend Mark Blank, who has kept it all these years. That’s a high school picture of his wife Robin in the painting.



Here’s a pic that my friend Mark Blank sent me recently from 1985 – back in the RISD days.

Give me liberty or give me the remote

Give me liberty or give me the remote

Here’s an image I made – which never made the grade – for an ITV startup. But I still like it …

created 3/9/02

Surreal Media

Surreal Media

Icon created for, 3/9/00

Brian Kane Business Cards 06

Brian Kane Business Cards 2006

I made up these business cards in late 2005 as a fun giveaway before I went to a conference in Beijing. Ahhh.. Schwag.

Unfortunately they were very popular and went quickly, and I didn’t really get a great picture of them. But here’s what I have.

We made these by hand, using my officejet and glue stick. And there’s a secret message inside each one.


My first YouTube Video. Enjoy.

“Custom Hopping SUV
Shaved Tailgate
Custom Taillights
Shaved Hood and Doors”



biPod – the two thumbed dj/vj iPod.


My favorite logo

My favorite logo
This is the best logo in the world. Ever. Seriously.

I saw this in Beijing last winter. I’m not sure exactly what they were selling, but if I had the time, I would have bought one.

I’m guessing this must be Chairman Sanders.

Extreme Segway

Extreme Segway

Hopefully we’ll start seeing folks doing custom mods to Segways to trick them out for competition. This should become an exciting spectator sport.

created 3/10/05

Glow Cross

Glow Cross

Glow Cross Values Rave Accessory


Google Tires

Google Tires

Would like to see Google diversify out of the internet business.

Hoping be able to buy Google Tires for my Honda sometime soon. Created the logo in hopes that Google will follow suit.

Created 11/28/05

BK Hybrid


Can’t decide? Get both.

The BK Hybrid – Chicken and Beef. In one delicious patty.

Alternate ideas:
BK Killa – one beef, one sausage, one chicken, one fish patty stacked high on a bun with cheese, bacon, onion rings, lettuce, tomato, mayo, ketchup, mustard, pickles, and bbq sauce.

BK Blunt – hot dog

created 9/15/05

Stretch Aveo

Stretch Aveo

One long couch down the middle, facing the side.