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Addictive TV headline Battlejam at Cargo in London

Addictive TV headline Battlejam at Cargo in London, Easter 2009. Brainchild
of Beardyman, the UK beatboxing champion and all round rhythmic wonder,
Battlejam runs in both London (at Cargo) and in Brighton (at Audio). The
Easter 2009 special also featured Beardy’s mate and DMC champion scratcher
JFB, beat-jazzman Onyx Ashanti and his ‘robo oboe’, plus others for a night
of sampling and remix madness.

WGBH Forum Network

A few weeks ago, we re-launched the WGBH Forum Network website.

The WGBH Forum Network is an online video lecture site, featuring free online audio and video web lectures and mp3 download podcasts on science, politics, art, sports, history, and more.

There’s some great stuff on the site, including this lecture on Consciousness, Creativity, and the Brain by David Lynch at Emerson College, this lecture on Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness by Tal Ben-Shahar from the Museum of Science Boston, and some really cool Creative Mind radio interviews from the 1950′s, like this interview with Ben Shahn, The Painter as Creator.

We’ll be rolling out lots of new content and some fun new features over the next few months, too, so check back from time to time.

WGBH Forum Network is presented by WGBH Boston with PBS, NPR, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and The Lowell Institute.


Acela HDADD Xperiment


In January, I had the good fortune of working out some new creative ideas with Xav Perkins, aka eXceeda. We had a few weeks to develop a few concepts, one of which is the above high speed train video. Another is the Bugs Bunny edit which I have put on HDADD.

This train footage is a prototype for an installation piece we are developing – and which I think will be beautiful.

It’s a real pleasure working with Xavier. He’s an amazing editor and has boundless creative energy.

VIDA 11.0 Exhibition of Art and Artifical Life, Madrid

VIDA 11.0 Exhibition of Art and Artifical Life, Madrid from Ruairi Glynn on Vimeo.

A short film made by on the VIDA 11.0 Exhibition held in Madrid February 2009. It includes the work of Philip Beesley & Rob Gorbet, Chico MacMurtie, Jed Berk, Chris Sugrue, Damian Stewart and Ruairi Glynn.



More Xaniness with eXceeda


49 Top YouTube Doubles

YouTube Doubler has been getting a good deal of traffic lately, so I put together the following top 49 list based on Google Analytics data for 12 months ending Nov. 9 2008. Enjoy, and thanks to all the site visitors.

1 Deus Ex vs NAS

2 Metal Gear Solid 3 vs John McCain

3 Final Fantasy VII vs 2 Girls 1 Cup Best Reaction

4 Saving Private Ryan vs ichael Jackson Sims2

5 Ninja Cat vs Psycho

6 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. vs Justin Timberlake

7 Time Becomes

8 Hippie vs Caveman

9 Timotei! vs I Have A Dream

10 Me, crying vs The end of Louis Pan

11 (This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.) vs Chinese MC Hammer

12 To All Atheist onYouTube vs Imagine

13 El mudo – Chacarron Macarron vs El mudo – Chacarron Macarron

14 Fat dog just wants to keep on rolling vs Atheist Wisdom

15 Techno viking del zodiaco vs Laughing Baby

16 Nickelback vs Nickelback

17 Where there’s a whip, there’s a way vs Kunta Kinte

18 Nine Inch Nails vs Super Mario Sunshine

19 Nine Inch Nails vs Super Mario Sunshine

20 Lost demoniusx vidlog vs Requiem for a Dream

21 Pussy vs Office Space

22 I Walked on the Sidewalk vs NAS

23 Tool vs S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

24 Miller Park Sausage Race vs Jimmy Dean Sausage Complaint Call

25 Chiz gets owned by the king of youtube vs Tracks of Tears

26 Meor 1 vs Dote up a Cat Intro

27 9/11 NEVAR FORGET vs (This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by a third party.)

28 50 Cent vs Batman 1989

29 Kairi and Selphie Dance vs Throwing Fire

30 Deus Ex vs Katrina

31 (This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.) vs USSR Anthem

32 Start Trek vs Charmiliionaire

33 UUF AAG WAIIY UUGH vs DMX vs Ghostbusters

34 Funny Cats vs Laughing Baby

35 The greatest video on Earth… EVER vs 2 Girls1 Cup Worst Reaction

36 Jackie Chan vs Benny the Jet vs Final Fantasy VII

37 World’s Most Amazing Musical Instrument vs Matthias Loibner

38 Food Fight vs Special Poetry Slam

39 ME TELLIN YOU MOTHA FUCKAS OFF v s Mad Cat (Burgers and Fries)

40 Baby PC vs TF2 Pyro

41 Princess Diana vs Right Said Fred

42 Goat yelling like a man vs Meor 1

43 No More Heroes vs Star Wars Kid

44 ?? / STREET FIGHTER EX Plus "ZANGIEF" Ending vs Everyday I’m Hustlin

45 Hallucinogen vs Hitler

46 True Colors vs Pretty Spectacular

47 CWC’s Second Message vs Max Payne 2

48 Crimson Tide vs John McCain

49 9/11 vs Laughing Baby

Nov. 9 2008

  • #7Art Oct 2008 Brasilia, Brazil
  • #7Art Oct 2008 Brasilia, Brazil
  • #7Art Oct 2008 Brasilia, Brazil
  • #7Art Oct 2008 Brasilia, Brazil
  • #7Art Oct 2008 Brasilia, Brazil
  • #7Art Oct 2008 Brasilia, Brazil
  • #7Art Oct 2008 Brasilia, Brazil

#7 Art, Brasilia, Brazil

7th International Conference on Art and Technology, October 1st – 12th, 2008, Museu Nacional do Complexo Cultural da Republica, Brasilia, Brazil

These images are from 3 nights of outdoor projection on the museum.

Lets do it live.

Mind Meld Group Shot
Photo credit: Arrow

I was going to write an article about this years Rhode Island Mind Meld, but I dont think I could do a better job than Peter Kirn’s recent post on

This was my second year as a participant, and I hope not my last.

It’s such a pleasure to have a creative spacetime to work and communicate with so many talented artists. I get to meet and share ideas with some of today’s top musicians and electronic artists. It is truly inspiring.

Special thanks to everyone involved, including:

Treanor Brothers Animation
Duncan Laurie
Steve Nalepa
Nick Bauta
Tony Flackett
Todd Thille
and of course
Peter Kirn

Brian Kane and Steve Nalepa

WMC: Gardner Post, DJ Tom Laroc and the Baby Grand Master in Miami

WMC: Gardner Post, DJ Tom Laroc and the Baby Grand Master in Miami

DJsounds caught up with the US conceptual/video artist Gardner Post to talk about art + technology at the Remix Hotel, at The National in South Beach. The interview is followed by a trip to a nearby apartment to get a special, behind-the-scenes insight into what Gardner’s working on this year – complete with words from celebrity DJ Tom Laroc!

Gardner was in South Beach with his Baby Grand Master creation (an acclaimed DJ/VJ masterpiece, modestly tagged the king of ‘video instruments’) to collaborate with the New York-born, Miami-based hip-hop DJ Tom Laroc/United Content Providers.

DJsounds last spoke to Gardner in 2007 at the Optronica festival, so it was great to see his vision for Baby Grand Master-style video mash-up materialising in such full-on splendour. Enjoy the show.

Words: LRC

External links:

Iron Man (Addictive TV Remix)

The new Iron Man movie from Paramount gets the Addictive TV remix treatment… hot off the press …


动物忍耐大赛 Super Ultra Funny Monkey

动物忍耐大赛 Super Ultra Funny Monkey

HDADD at Le Cube, Paris

A special interactive HDADD™ Information Compliant Entertainment Appliance™ will be installed at Le Cube, Paris, from Feb through July. The opening is Jan 31, and if you can make it, please stop by. More information about the museum and show are here

I’m honored to been selected to be in this show, and I look forward to meeting some of the other fantastic artists who have created such incredible work.

For this exhibition, I have encapsulated a variety of new and old video video work into an interactive jukebox, so there is a lot of material in this piece. Thanks to everyone who helped, and I hope the work is enjoyed by all.