for shepard


Old School DJ Kit
2 custom phonographs with a set of old school hip hop music cylinders
Audio Performance Sculpture

Selfie Stick
Baseball Bat with GoPro Camera
Wall hanging sculpture

Natural History
Spinning Diorama with Glass Dome

Old Time Video
2 Bakelite Video Radios with custom video content
Video and Audio Sculpture

EBN 1991 Shirts / Video Gift Cards
Original EBN 1991 T-Shirts, and 1991 EBN Video Gift Cards

Rock Aid
(no picture)

Old Time VR
Old School digital 3D Viewer, loaded with 3D images

Fun Dumpster
Desktop Sculpture


Adidas Flapper Dresses
Old School Flapper Dresses with Adidas Logo
Merch and Large Format Prints

YouTube Console
Oval Format Interactive YouTube Player with Rabbit Ears Tuner
Interactive Video and Audio Sculpture

Shit Slider
Interactive Video

Selfie Secure
Cell phone, handcuffs, video
Video sculpture

Landing Module
Inflatable sculpture

The new 40
40 ounce butter stick

Self Dancing Shoes
Autonomous Tap Dancing Shoes, Robotic Sculpture
Work in progress, robotic sculpture

Smart Cars
Durst Lambda Prints

Closed Circuit Lighting
Light sculpture