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Shoot ‘Em Up – Addictive TV remix

Cutting ‘n’ sampling again! The Addictive guys were asked to remix the new Clive Owen action movie Shoot ‘Em Up for this trailer…

Once again, Hollywood studio New Line Cinema have asked Addictive TV to create an audiovisual viral for one of their new releases, and this time it’s writer/director Michael Davis’ cult-in-the-making “Shoot ‘Em Up” that’s had the Addictive TV treatment. A smash when previewed at the recent Comic Con in San Diego, the movie – starring Clive Owen and Monica Bellucci – is a relentless and visceral action thriller taken to cartoony proportions (more than a slight nod to Bugs Bunny here) where a mysterious lone hero with a very dark sense of humour has some clever ways of getting out of bad situations to protect a newborn baby.

Addictive TV rock London’s Southbank

Filed under the “shit, I wish I could have been there” category, is this new clip from Addictive TV’s outdoor Southbank, London, show. I’ve yet to make it to one of these massive outdoor shows, but damn it looks fun. These guys keep getting better and better – if you get a chance to see one of their live shows – definitely check it out.

August 4th 2007. Chosen as Critics Choice in London’s Evening Standard’s TOP FIVE gigs of that weekend, alongside London gigs by Prince, Issac Hayes and Dr John, the Addictive TV guys returned to the southbank for a huge outdoor gig. In what seems to have become established as an annual event, Saturday 4th August 2007 saw DJ/producers and audiovisual artists Addictive TV rock London’s Southbank for the third year running with a traffic-stopping audiovisual set from the roof of the National Theatre, projecting on the massive 30 metre flytower, visible right across the Thames and from Waterloo Bridge. Without a cloud in the sky, it was the hottest day of the year in London!

Addictive TV’s website

Big Chill 2007 Photos and Videos

Big thanks from Gardner, Xavier, and myself to everyone at the Big Chill for making this a great show, including MC Rebbe, Lisa Loco, Simon from Pioneer, Hexstatic, Coldcut, eXceeda, DJ Tom Laroc, Addictive TV, and the production crew at the Big Chill. Oh, and special big thanks to the airline pilots that came in during the airplanes piece. Wow.

Below are some pics from the show, as well as some render tests from the material which I presented.

The highlight of the night for me was when I looked to my right and there was Matt Black cutting up some of Xav’s cartoon set. That really made my day – thanks, Matt. Much love.

Photo credits: Lisa Loco

Xavier Perkins, Gardner Post, Brian Kane

Pilots and Stewards

Xavier Perkins, Matt Black, Brian Kane, Gardner Post

Big Chill Crowd Blurr